Company products - NutriFIber


  •       Non-gluten grain beneficial for people with food allergies
  •       100% Natural
  •       Makes a welcome addition to cereals or smoothies.
  •       NutriFiber offers a number of health benefits.
  •       Consume NutriFiber as a source of dietary fiber.
  •       No sugar added
  •       Retains longer shelf life.
  •       The fiber in NutriFiber also helps control your blood sugar levels
  •       and lower risk of heart disease.
  •       Incorporate NutriFiber into your diet to boost your magnesium
  •       and iron intake.
  •       NutriFiber serves as a good source of essential minerals and
  •       provides you with generous amount of manganese and phosphorus.
  •       An excellent choice for everyday use
  •       USDA Grade #1 
  •       Grown in Western United States
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